Thursday, August 31, 2006

AC/DC-Back In Black

This is the album of beating ass with metal chairs and equalizers, a sheer rock your fucking face off barrage of nonstop super anthems using the same chords and melodies for pretty much every song to insane effect. After the death of lead singer Bon Scott in the later on Feb 20, 1980, AC/DC, on the verge of a massive breakthrough, decided to not be weenies and go the usual "Unbreak My Heart" routine of dealing with a member (not to mention the leader) leaving the band and instead made the ultimate salute to Bon, hiring singer Brian Johnson (famously just a dude), recording it a month after his death, and releasing it that year. It's the ultimate in DC's high voltage dock worker rock, a towering juggernaut of riffs and fist pumping mega glory, the best music ever to have as your opening song if you happen to be a wrestler. DC would release some sweet songs after this, but this remains the ultimate in salutes to rock

ACDC- Back In Black

Note: Here we go again: don't dowload unless you take full responsibility for your actions. I own all these records so I can do whatever but you, you just disgust me. On the other hand, I need to rock, which means I understand if you download away. I don't believe in it, but I understand.


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