Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bob Dylan- Desire

Not necessarily a hidden Bob Dylan album (in fact it was pretty huge back in the day), but rather an album that, for whatever reason, rarely gets brought up in discussions of the mythology of the man who traveled with a circus and from a family of Appalachian Indians. To me it's Dylan's sexiest and loosest album, a style switching jaunt teeming with a gritty Mediterranean coat over rough minor chord explorations into a journey of the valley below and the quest to climb out of it.

Bob Dylan-Desire

Note: Sorry this link so freaking huge but it is QUAD TO DTS(!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!). Anyways, Dylan said he loved internet downloading so you probably won't get picked up and dragged in the streets by the thought police if you do. Regardless, do so at your own risk (they're always looking...).


Blogger Brownie said...

Wow! In all my travels through cyberspace, this is the first time I've found someone with a similar opinion about "Desire", my personal favorite Dylan album.

Right On.

12:39 PM  
Blogger Team said...

The album is ridiciously underrated and under spoken of. I have no clue why nobody speaks of this (including Dylan) despite it being right after Blood On The Tracks and while he was wearing all that awesome Indian gear. Rad, rad, record, to me only Blood On The Tracks competes (Blonde on Blonde=glorious, just in terms of intensity and constant upwards pace, BOTT gets to homebase first). Spread the word.

4:36 PM  

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