Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cool Artist of Today: Tim Kelly

Tim Kelly (not the writer of The Trouble With Summer People) is a pretty rad comic style artiste with some mega boss drawings posted over at deviantART. He has a very raw, clearly and overtly hand drawed style that's utterly unique and alive, its sketchiness pulsing energy off of the page, the type of design I would crave to see in either a graphic novel or used as a base for a video game (he says he'd love to do a Halo novel and, judging from his piece of the Master Chief on his deviantART page, I can't think of a single human being I'd rather do so. Somebody make that happen). Seriously, if anybody can, try and get this get in contact with Marvel to head the design on at least a small X-Men comic as he potrayal of a few of the crew (Beast, Cyclops, Wolverine, Collosus, Kitty Pride, Emma Frost, The Brotherhood) is the exact jumpstart I would love to see given to the pretty bland style haunting the Conneticut crew's digs now. Check it out and give him a shout out, please.

Tim Kelly: deviantART site

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