Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cool Artiste of The Day: Chris Weeks

This stunning collection of celebrity and fashion candids (as well as plenty of other beautiful people involved in other money zones) by deviantART member Chris Weeks is a riveting mix spontaneous personality and flirtatious sexuality, like being asked to smile by your new lover into the camera, or like that Madonna video with the mermaid. I do use there was a tint of the grit in some of the photographs, especially some of the less glamorous subject matters, but I still love it. It might not have the sheer sexual rush of the best fashion photographers or enough action to make the photos leap off the prints but it's still cool enough to check out, like the photo collection you wish you had (without your family in it and instead beautiful movie stars and models).

+cweeks deviantART page

P.S. deviantART is a piece of crap that isn't showing his full collection. He's got pages full of pieces so make search back when the rest of his pieces are re-upped.


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