Wednesday, August 30, 2006

David Bowie-Low: The Album That Every Album Copies From

As implied, everything release post Low cribs from this album massivly. Every genre, from dance to industrial, ambient to pop, metal to hip-hop takes notes from this powerful statement of creativity. Released at a time when Bowie=king of Earth and beyond, it's a bazooka to the brain to think that a star this huge would release a record where the entire second half of the record consists of instrumentals, but that's Bowie for you. Sad and uplifting (A New Career In A New Town), perfect pictures of Europe during the Cold War (Warszawa, Subterraneans), guitar mavericks, funked up free form pop (famously done by writing the album in a distinct open field fashion by switching to random notes via a grid Eno had set up), Bowie, Eno, and Tony Visconti (criminally never given as much as credit as he deserves for this record) created a bold statement that, to this day, as cliche as it sounds, way ahead of its times, on this planet or any other.

David Bowie-Low (Album)
password= mud

Note: Don't download unless you fully understand the implications of downloading an album for free. Bowie is very rich man who didn't get rich by writing checks but by sticking his dick way up deep into anybody who opposed him. But I bet Ziggy would be pretty cool with the two people who come on site checking out the record.


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