Thursday, August 31, 2006

Dragon Quest 8- You Were Great Baby, Then You Talked

The first few hours of this game was probably some of the best I've had in years. It was simple, all about about adventuring across a gorgeous landscape (supplied by the wizards over at Level 5, creators of the Dark Clouds and the stellar looking to be released Rogue Galaxy), enjoying the basic joy of exploration. It's minimal, just you and your sidekick Yangus trolling around. The battle system, while random, is still a ton fun through its simplicity and speed along with the visual and sound effects that go along with it, helping to give impact to the battle. Hell, even your blades look cool (which change looks throughout the game in forms that wish they'd go back to. Why hasn't someone designed a system where I can design my own gear?). It's a very old school style of game with an old school color scheme very reminiscnet to those scene in old NES quests. all bright colors that inspire the want to quest. But then comes the lame quest to stop an evil genie planning on blowing up the world via encounters with boring characters with lack of depth or progression. More characters come in the picture, more dungeons, more story, but the game starts losing its glorious adventurous feel, sticking you on a dillhole path that starts to slowly eliminate the want to adventure. Could have been outstanding, but I more or less finished it just to finish it after my initial high end enjoyment, which perked back up again and again admittidly as I bounced from continent to continent. Still, check it out.

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