Wednesday, August 30, 2006

From What I've Heard Of The Killers Next Joint: Don't Put It On

Oh dear, another band that's supposed to make the next Joshua Tree, another dissapointment. Everybody's probably stuck the turd known as When You Were Young through their ears by this point, maybe catching the video with the boys trying to do Slash guitar moves while playing weenie U2 sounding riffs and unenthuastic gestures of being so fed up with Vegas that they have to grip their fists as hard as they can and power emote them down like a red-headed step son in Wall-Mart being told he can't get the Dragonaball Z GBA game. The thing people don't realize is that only the Boss and Bono can do the Boss and Bono; people straight up cribbing them, without putting any of their personality beyond them liking Born To Run into it, equals mega weenie patrol 5000. During the past week or so live tracks have emerged with the Killers busting out the new jams. Now, the Killers are a terribly lousy live band, a piece of crap once they leave the studio, so you do have to take the fact that they actually manage to make All These Things That I've Done suck live into account. But these songs blow. Maybe not full on blow but certainly not very invigorating. I thought the single could sound pretty good if it was revved up as a live jam, but, alas, no. It does sound better but still far too easy for a lot of YouTubers to make unfunny sketchs out of it. Clearly the guys are going for that dusty, minimalist Joshua Tree-ish sound, all desserts and widescreen, with some soaring Bruce "I gotta get the hell outta here" attempts on there as well. But again, this is a snoozefest that'd make Scott Stapp sit these guys down and to chill out. These could sound great once the album comes out (dear god I hope so because I like the Killers), and I still have faith that it just might, but for now, I guess we'll just have to wait for the Arcade Fire to come out.


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