Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Gza-Liquid Swords=The End of Other Rap For You

One of my all-time favorite records. On the hip-hop side of things, only Enter the Wu: 36 Chambers approaches this beastimal to me. Rza at his absolute most intense, Gza at his most pastor screaming inside a thundering cathedral as bombs explode outside; hell, even Inspectah Deck blows every other non Wu-Tang or Snoop Dogg rapper/vocalist out of the water on this record (in his case, Duel of The Iron Mic). In true Gza spirit, genius.

Gza-Liquid Swords (album)

Note: We do fully endorse the downloading of albums seeing as that none of the money made will go to Gza, only keeping the broken system of music intact. But we don't want to get in trouble so please only download if you already have your own copy of the album or do so at your own risk. Do you think that'll keep us out of trouble?


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