Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Kino's Journey: Anime About Nothing & Everything

Kino no Tabi aka Kino's Journey is anime with no robots holding handguns, no Biblical overtone, no Eraserhead haircuts, not that many swords (until you get to the coliseum episodes, really), and no point beyond a pretty asexual girl traveling the world on her motorcycle, spending only three days at a time at every destination to parks at. She visits a town where books are banned by critics, a town where nobody talks to each other, helps three travelers caught in a snow storm, and waxes poetic while at it. The art design isn't really something that'll leave you like the Magnavox guy sitting in chair with his hair blown back (was that the company?), nor will the pace, but I love this show. It never patronizes you or rips you off, never striving to fill some type of self-important boots it got to match some heavy on the zippers suit they got made. If you're into slow burn anime without violence, check it out.

Kino no Tabi Home Page
Kino's Journey
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