Thursday, August 31, 2006


With Idlewild out and being inconsequential to the point where no one's even disappointed in the whole shizange, I thought it'd be cool to post Outkast's awesomest record. I know there are those that would point out ATliens and Southern..., but for me, it's all about the Stankkonia. The first I ever heard B.O.B. was at one of my friends house while his parents were out town, which meant that we could share the three wine coolers in the fridge and pack of Swisher Sweets in the cabinet. The video was MTV, a giant orgy of day glo insanity pulsing over my then Limp Bizkit fed eyes. The song was insane, a Parliament meets hip-hop rave up, furious like a bulleting train of destruction crashing down upon the Earth, shattering debris everywhere as Andre 3000 and Big Boi danced rapped in Riddler-blowing-the-Batcave glory atop uncrushed buildings, dressed as cyber pimps from outerspace. Once I heard the rest of the album, I knew this was some kind of throwdown of eclective creativity, thumping inwards looking hip-hop that years later still no one has caught up to. Bon Appetite!


Note: Download at own risk. Clearly Andre hasn't been too clever nowadays so he's probably surfing the web right now, looking for your dumbass to lay waste to. Downloader beware!

Videos: B.O.B, So Fresh, So Clean, Ms.Jackson

Note: There doesn't seem to be any Outkast live gear on YouTube, which sucks because they're fucking insane. If anybody has anything, please post. All I have is this clip of Andre doing Hey Ya dressed as a skeleton and Beyonce doing Crazy In Love, both of which can be heard at a Bar Mitzvah near you.

As a bonus, here's The Whole World video, which is whatever with an ultimate song.


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