Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Prince=The Ultimate Experience

I've recently gotten ahold of (ahem) Prince's live video, Sign O' The Times, from what seems to be France. Jesus fucking Christ white people suck compared to stuff like this. The title track of the album starts up the show with Prince in purple jamming. Towards the end theres a giant line of performers banging on miliary drums. There's a blind folded guitarist, Shelia E. dressed as a porn star cowboy doing awesome drum moves, a jillion dancers, 86 costume changes for Prince, awesomeness, awesomeness, awesomeness. During a slow ballad Prince does three splits in a row. In between songs Prince delivers more of that Purple Rain angsty seduction via "acting" that for whatever reason only make the whole thing better. During U Got The Look, the whole thing's insanely lipsynched, but it's the fucking awesomest thing ever. Here's few clips from Youtube of the show for you to say you found on the internet. More Prince rocking and white people blowing topics to come.

U Got That Look
It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night
Forever In My Life


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