Thursday, August 31, 2006

Right Now Tween Pop Is Blaring and I Want To Take A Chainsaw To The World

My god I forgot just how aggravating this can be, like hearing kittens and puppies stuffed inside a coffee grinder set on slow turn and then, still partially alive, they're drank up by some dude who gurgles it down as they yelp and then he sneezes all over you. Actually, some it's actually pretty good, like Britney and Cristina's hits from their first albums (everything else equals razor to wrist), but my sisters are in the thro of having a hoe down of every damn twee song ever, from Jessica Simpson (!!!) to Lizzie McGuire (!!!?) to Disney Dance Classics (prepares noose around neck) to Disney Ballads (decides instead to become a music critic). They should start bundling some of these things with cyanide pills. If you ever find yourself in a similar position, may God have mercy on you.


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