Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Shadow of The Collosus: You Can't Play This and Not Be Influenced

The land is empty, tranquil, bristiling with doom and sadness as I speed through its vast landscape, looking for my next prey. The abosulte gorgeos flows of earth speed past my with heavy cast eyes looking down on me as I continue my quest with the thirst of a hunter, eyes sharpingly switching in all directions for any sign of movement (or a cutscene). It's been some time now, maybe ten minutes, since I last heard the sound of anything alive, but even then it was just a God I'm not sure I even believe in telling me a very sligh point at to where I should go next. But my blade, my only other equipment beside my bow and arrow and horse, guided me to where my next showdown will be. It's taking to time to get there, no doubt extended by these strange clipping and slowwing down sensation that comes over me as I travel, but all this seems to only enhance the mood, the anticipation, increasing my senses and fear to sweaty palmed heights. I'm in daze now, watching non-chalantly as mountains all of a sudden appear before me, when I notice one those mountains is moving, thundering yet gently travelling the land. I'm here.

It's gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous the collosus I've been sent out to destroy. It carresses the stony earth, pounding it's feet upon it's body and collosal collision of stone meeting stone, sending earth flying in all directions, the beast unaware of a small daring soldier daunting after it, breezingly haunting the grounds like a sad spector aimlessly looking for the lover that passed away so long ago.

I speed up, hoisting my blade up to beam light down upon where the beast's weakness is. The closer I get, the slower everything seems to become, causing everything to get choppy and annoying, but the sheer beauty of the moment helps me to completely ease over this frustration. Plus, I have more things to worry about, such as, how the hell am I going to get to the top of this thing to strike the weakness that's on the top of it's crown. My eyes daunt to and fro around it's body, looking any type of makeshift bridge I can find as I criss cross between it's crashing legs, falling effortlessly like hammers slapping the ground. Stuck in thought, the beast blindsides me with a giant spank off of my horse, showing me size don't mean you're dumb, sending me reeling, defenseless, into a pile of rubble. The beast approaches, its dayglow blue eyes gleaming over to a angry and yet soft orange, in sad, questioning defense rather than a brutal, bloodthirst attack.

I'm in deep shit now as he swings again. He misses me just by a hair as I rolling behind his legs shagged deep in a thick course hair. Its hair! I leap onto it's legs, grappling tight, as the beast continues to move, looking for where I went, not yet aware of the mosquito on his thigh. I begin my descent, swerving chaotically along with it's movement, when the beast become fully aware of what's going on. It roars and twists, me not being able to see anything as my view has suddenly become a piece of crap, holding onto its fur with dear life, one hand gripped so firmly to cusp of hair that I can hear it feeling. I've never felt like this before, this exhiliration, this lust for completetion of the quest, this fear, like being on a rollercoaster with no harness on. In a moment of respite I take my chances and I dart up its bending spine up to its crown, finding its glowing pulse beaming out from majestic sign of a god. I hold my ground, steadying myself, raise my blade, hold it, gathering my wits, and drive it deep, so deep its blood goes curling up in my eyes, dousing me with its innards. The beast reals in pain, not understanding what's going on and why it's happening to him but knows that it wants it to stop. But I can't stop now. I drive in again, and again, again, each attack become vicious as words no mother taught me come flying out my mouth as I hold on for dear life. And with one last lunge, one last dike into the beasts flesh, nailing sword to bone, the beast collapses like a long redhood being chopped from a hill. I ride it down in exhiliration and self congratulation, throwing my fist into the air with a delight that can't be matched by anything else I've felt before. But after a moment of innard leaning glory, basking the hazy sun's attendence in my victory, I turn around. Before is the living thing I just killed, the thing that didn't do absolutely anything at all beyond exist as something to be admired and loved, dying. Blood pours out from every orifice, flooding the land, it's giant eyes looking directly at me with sorrow, the eyes of someone dying alone. Keeping one last look at me, one not in hate, but rather something else, it falls back, gone, it's shadow oozing out and surrounding me, allowing me ownership of its mighty soul. What have I done?

This game is $19.99 as a Greatest Hits game. It has technical flaws, such as crap camera and slowdown, but it's so amazing that it must be experience, if not supported. Please do so if you haven't already.

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