Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Too Many Kids, Too Many Problems

Too Many Kids, Too Many Problems is going to be a blog that is going to have two gifted writers/hero's raving and ranting about everything. Mostly focusing on music, video games, and movies. But random droppings on other topics will also be seen.

The idea of the name came from our family. My parents have bred nine kids. There are so many moments, that show the problems of having too many kids, that we just had to name it this.

The blog will include a weekly podcast on what I addressed in the first paragraph. There will be guest writers, friends, etc. who will contribute on some shows. There will also be interviews with musicians to robots. We're going to try to interview a variety of characters.

Too Many Kids, Too Many Problems will without doubt give your day that extra push to greatness.

Joe & Tom


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