Monday, August 28, 2006

Track Reviews [8-28-06]

Lupe Fiasco
"I Got Cha"
{Single from upcoming Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor LP}


Lupe Fiasco's debut album Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor dropped an unexpected month before its original release date. A lot of people said that he took care of business on it. I personally did not download it early. It was an album I was looking forward to, and I didn't want to spoil it. All I heard at that point was "Kick, Push". "Kick, Push" is a very good song. Not great, but very good. I always thought it was the same song for 4:30 minutes. It reminded me of a minor league version of a Jay-Z song (who is the Executive Producer on the album), musically speaking. Very smooth and some sort of horns in the song. If Hova is one of the bosses on the album, you know more help is on the way.

The help Lupe gets on his second single "I Got Cha" is The Neptunes. Pharell, one head of The Neptunes, served us a mediocre snoozefest on his solo album, In My Mind. So faith in the once all-reliable Neptunes was definitely a little shook. It doesn't seem like Pharell has thought of anything creative or good for that matter, for Lupe. It's just a extremely repetitive beat that is sort of annoying and clusterphobic. Fiasco's smooth flow can't really survive in the music. Plus, Lupe doesn't really help out, by just boasting the whole song. Which could be fine, if it's got punchlines, but Lupe just gives us generic responses, that he tends to repeat a bit. But even when Lupe struggles he still has natural talent that can guide him to the finish line at least.

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The Game
"It's Ok (One Blood)"
{Single from upcoming Doctor's Advocate LP}


The Game's new single "It's Ok (One Blood" is very frustrating. The Game is on fire on the track, and the roots of the beat is incredible. But the sample they use is so aggravating because they abuse it, to where the headaches start arising. It's so depressing because The Game, like I said before, is taking names on the track. When Game enters the song with"Yo Dre, thought I was dead", you know that you are going to get a treat. You do end up getting a treat, but not to its full potential.

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