Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Track Reviews [8-29-06]

Albert Hammond, Jr.
{Track from upcoming Yours To Keep LP}


Albert Hammond Jr of the Strokes has now decided to branch away from the band (He is still a member), but to create a solo disc. His only official musical credit is "Automatic Stop", which he co-wrote with Strokes songwriter and singer Julian Casablancas. He also wrote a song titled "Obstinate", that was part of the the Strokes In Transit documentary. Both of those tracks very solid.

Well, Hammond's solo material is much like the Strokes music. Very beachy riffs. "101" will make you do some hand chives and lay back and pretend you're in the sun. The music is equally as good as anything on the Strokes latest album First Impressions Of Earth. Well maybe not "You Only Live Once". The guitar pump-up breakdown at 1:17 is just pure mega. Fist pumps were supplied by me at every note. Josh Lattanzi does a pretty good job of miming Fab Moretti on the drums, with fast hi-hats splashing around. The only minor fault, is that this would of been better with Julian Casablancas singing. Albert Hammond is still a good singer though. I suppose that's more of a wish then.

Stream Three Songs, Including "101"

"The Ukranians"
{Track from The Legend of Bird's Hill LP}


Vitaminsforyou is a one-man wreckening crew. He goes by the name of Bryce Kushnier. Kushnier melds hip-hop rhythmn, Beach Boys ooo and ahhs, and an inspiring guitar/bass line, to deliver a electronica masterpiece on "The Ukranians". If you dig electronica, have a sip of this.

Stream "The Ukranians"


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