Thursday, August 31, 2006

The White Album=All Other Albums Suck Compared To Me and My Monkey

Let's be honest here for a moment: this is the best shit ever. The White Album is towering collosus of flaming sword swinging proportions, all the summons put together on record for full out mega ultimate destruction. Well, let me backtrack: it can't be their best album ever just because it has some major crap on it. Had it been boiled down to one no album could humanly come close save for other Beatle records. But then that means Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me & Monkey would have gotten the axe, as probably would have even gems like Julia or anything George came up with. This is the Beatle's at their craziest and darkest; there's vey thick flow of isolation and decrepitness sliding through the cracks here, the Cold War put on record. Right after the launching Back In The U.S.S.R. brushes the snow off your shoulder, Dear Prudence icily creeps in the air, covering your mind in world covered in white being warmed by a rising sun, a perfect symbol for this record. A neccessacity.

The Beatles-The White Album

Note: Okay, now we're in some major deep weeds when it comes to Beatles. Seriously, cover your ass 'cause now you got Paul, Yoko, and Michael Jackson on your ass. You got to be crafty about this because these people are bastards about money. If you own the money then you're in the free and clear. If not, download at your own risk as I definitely don't "endorse" this one despite calling it a neccessity and placing a link for where to get it.


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