Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Word From Japan: We Still Think They're Crazier and Cooler Than Us

Japan's indie music is quietly totally fucking insane. When you got someone like Shugo Tokumera being seen as anything less than the should be owner of the Ultima sword of cute freakouts than you got have something going on. Tokyo (and other parts of Asia as well, from China to Taiwan to Korea[guess which one. Yep, Hawaii]) is crawling with would be Chocobo riders, Shiva summoners, and Weapon soundtrack suppliers, varying from Hello Kitty fronted popsters with seven time changes to crazy ass punkers decked out in hip clothes, the music probably sounds exactly as you think it would.

Japan Live is a blog to check out for all your Japanese garage rock and so cute they have to plush and collectable girl fronted bands. It's got tons of links to other harbingers of Tokyo cool for you to spot shark for the inevitable Tokyo cultural takeover that we'll see in due time. Happy surfing and we'll have a full blowout in a little bit as we self indulge ourselves in our obsession of Tokyo.


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