Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wu-Tang Clan, The Sound of You Purchasing Hoodies and Plastic Swords As An Adult With New Heroes

The Wu-Tang Clan remains one of the most mind blowing groups to ever perpetuate the popular music scene, a group whose mythology doesn't drown out the music under its own bloated ego but rather enhances it so many times over it puts itself in a whole other division of rock god. Masterminded by the monkish sensei RZA, one of the most obsessed over creators of all time, like Tarantino in music form, Wu-Tang exploded onto the scene in 1994 with Enter the Wu: 36 Chambers, one of the greatest debut records of all time. Insanely intense and intelligent, the albums a tour de force of atmosphere, all late night roof jumping and steam doused alleyways being pierced through by shurikans and stealth, like the scene from Batman: Begins where Batman beats down falls in the warehouse. Wu-Tang is the sound of a shuriken driving into the side of your neck, falling to ground, and having to watch helplessly as a group of silent hooded figures stoop down from a thirteen story building effortlessly to walk slowly over to you and kick you in the nuts. Or walking home late at night in NYC in the winter, snow gently falling over the empty streets, fluttering in front of street lights. Or growing up as kid in a land infested cancerously with money, drugs, crack, and a lack of hope, violence ready to explode at any given moment in any given area for the reasons that never seem at all clear, confusion laced over a blown out hallway. It's the music that even those that despise hip-hop are obsessed with (alongside Outkast). The mythology of which I spoke of earlier is one the most addicting and invigorating ever, taking hold of your imagination like only the Beatles really can. Ask somebody who says they own a Wu-Tang record about the band and you'll witness the scene of a normal human being's eyes becoming shadowd, the light around their heads sinking away into the shadows like Michael Douglas in Wall Street as they proceed to spew obscure facts about Prince Rakeem and his truth. It's a band whose members went on to have argues that were arguably better than what was released within the band (Gza-Liquid Swords). It's also the greatest band name of all time. Seriously, ask somebody, anybody, to say "Wu-Tang Clan" to you and prepare to have your day lifted. For those uninitiated with the band, here are some clips to check out. Might as well bust out the hoodies now: you're going to be wearing them a whole from now on.

M.E.T.H.O.D. Man
Bring Da Ruckus (To Kung Fu)
Protect Ya Neck
Liquid Swords
Rza, Gza, and Bill Murray
Wu-Tang in Japan
Rza Interview
Rza and His Roland
Old Talent Show
Rza at USCB

P.S. Who would win in a fight: Fighters equiped with Wu-Tang, AC/DC, or Metallica?


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