Saturday, September 02, 2006

EP I'm Sorry 2001

Beatles-Dear Prudence
My Bloody Valentine-Soon
Matt Uleman-Tristram Theme (From Diablo)

(This was originally supposed to be a "Stace, I Love You!" as yelled by a guy in the rain (possibly Matt McConaughey, but probably the guy from Smallville) to the girl he betrayed (i.e. setup by jealous guy/girl or battling some inner demon) mix but that got deleted, along with the location of the picture I was going to use, so instead I used some cool songs I had ready to post and this loser's (jk....?) picture, which happens to be awesome. A perfect collection of illuminating light breaking its waves against holed-out darkness, swirling around in a pool of black and white & Berlin-hued colors. Check it out.

incredi's deviantART site


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