Friday, September 01, 2006

Final Fantasy 8: OST

What happens to be one of the more underspoken of Final Fantasies (despite its hugeness upon release), this game has an absolutely amazing, endearing, unique, and hands-down shimmering collection of spastic pop, waltzes, landscape crowling trips, and big sappy ballads for when you're finished battling specifically colored aliens in space. Video game OSTs have long been discriminated against by not being spoken of ever outside of little threads here and there on video game specific message boards, and even there it's not that drawn out of a conversation, which is a goddamn shame considering some of my all-time favorite music comes from video games. Now, FF7 has the series most memorably music, but it's all synthed up and outdated nowadays so you're gonna have to wait for that infamous FF7 remake with a redone soundtrack to here those things the way they were meant to be heard (or you can track down the fully orchestrated versions, which will draw tears for sure). Until then, here's the vastly superior to listen to FF8 OST. Sweeping, grand, melancholy, and enchanting, this is the absolute best collection of songs to ever appear on Final Fantasy soundtrack, and there's a whole of them. Dig in.

Final Fantasy 8-OST

Note: Before thy enter into a realm of patience crushing doom, this must be said: the page linking to the OST has the album listed song by song, meaning you'll have to download the whole shizang song by song. This is actually quite good, letting you pick out the jams you'd like to hear, as well as giving me a proper excuse as to not posting my favorites on my own.


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