Friday, September 01, 2006

Jay-Z: The Blueprint

My favorite Jay-Z record, bar none. A classic rollup of old-school rat-ta-tat soul, giving it a timeless edge that hip-hop, notoriously known for right-here-right-now only mentality, usually misses, as well as neo-internet prodoction wizards (Kanye, Just Blaze, Timbaland, Eminem) fast-forwarding those crunchy soul vibes into the present and beyond. Barnburner singles H to the Izzo and Girls, Girls, Girls are here in all their marching down 5th avenue street then throwing rocks at the window of your crush's window glory, but they're only part of a greater package: Eminem and Jay-Z's Renegade (where Jay gets destroyed by Eminem), Heart of the City, The Ruler's Back, and Songcry are even better. This is the peak.

Jay-Z: The Blueprint

Note: Jay actually owns a record company so you better believe he's gonna be gunning for your ass if he finds you with this. Beware.


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