Friday, September 01, 2006

Madonna-Like A Prayer

The epitome of '80s Madge, this shimmering collection of mallrat skip-while-you-sing probably rings up immediate memories for everybody on this planet of free skate at your local public gym and crashing into the mats that are hung up on the hall so you can do so. It may also bring up strong memories of thinking, "Oh, crap, I think I like Madonna." From creating the cliche of singing in a big empty church, surrounded by candles, with a black choir (you in either A)all white or B)skanky clothes, choir decked out in full gear), you singing towards them like a duel-off, to ecstatic party demolisher Express Yourself, Madonna fine crafted a pop gem as well as paved way for her '90s babe in vogue in image when even your local pastor was on his knees staring at her on the TV screen two inches from screen. Hell, there's even a song that Prince put his name on (I'll let you figure out which one).

Madonna-Like A Prayer

Note: Madonna is both kinda cool with this stuff as well as a complete bitch, saying she thinks it's both punk rock and not her style in the press, but, either way, her record company surely thinks your ass looks prime for being penetrated by a thin steaming glass blade then smashed up if they find you with this. Caution is oh so neccessary.


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