Friday, September 01, 2006

My Favorite Zelda Ever

As the release date for Twilight Princess draws nearer to being revealed (I swear to God Nintendo is horse's dong in a cofee grinder for thinking they're "building the hype therefore making us more excited" by not telling us when we can purchase their damn stuff. I hate/need Nintendo), I thought I share a little knowledge: Link's Awakening is my favorite Zelda ever. Released for the Gameboy back in the 19digity2, and re-released for the GBS in 1998, and forever coded on high school kid's calculators, this game has ruined my eyes more than any Tom Berenger film ever wish it could.

The plot is simple: Zelda goes on an adventure, then gets shipwrecked on a mysterious island, saved by a woman who resembles the love of his life with 50 First Date syndrome, Zelda. Only this isn't an island, it's a dream. So Link has to travel across the land beating up goons who weren't doing anything wrong to retrieve eight magical instruments to awaken the Wind Fish. It has the awesome controls, dungeons, items, secrets, and the absolute best Zelda world ever. Koholint is a surreal world that mashes past tense with present tense, Europe Kiki's Delivery Service style and richly colored King Arthur, Kiki town and talking animal town, crocidiles that love dog food, telephones right in the middle of game worlds where you're shooting bows and arrows off. Simple gameplay bundled with complex thinking. It's a classic that's sure to be released on Nintendo's Virtual Console in the near future (please bundle this with Twilight Princess, please, please, please, please, please, please,please) but until that gets announced (BASTARDS!!! I'll kill you, every last one of you!!!) you can hunt it down on either the GBC or original gameboy and pay practically nothing for it. Or you could hunt down the rom and emulator, which I hear you can play on either or PSP or DS...

P.S. Here's an awesome Zelda site black and white cool-ly called The Legend of Zelda. It has oogles and oogles of original Zelda art work (from Nintendo, that is), game manual screens, and tons, tons, tons more. Great, great site.


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