Friday, September 01, 2006

My Neighbors The Yamadas

A Studio Ghibli almost indie classic, this buried treasure in the troves of the Ghibli ulta beast meganess is a heartwarming, hillarious Sunday morning strip take on a family, filled with anecdotes to make us chuckle, sigh with longing/nostalgia, and quirk our heads back as this odd vignette stuffed film hands over an odd sensation of hope. Directed by Isao Takahta (not grand wizard Hayou Miyazaki), I saw this film in a small theatre in all Japanese, with some of the subtitles not even coming up, and I was instantly in love, with its characters, its setting, its simple, watercolor art style, its pace (again vignettes, some that take 10 seconds, some a little longer), everything. A beautiful little classic you need to check out.

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Note: I'm so sorry I couldn't find any trailers or clips of the flick; for whatever reason I could find zero visual evidence of this film existing. I'll dig some more and try and find something.


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