Friday, September 01, 2006

Portishead-Live In NYC

Portishead is the kind of music you might expect to A) be raped to, B) drive in the rain after you've done something really wrong, C) watch anything, TV or movie, from the early '90s to. Spooky, grimy, intense, drizzles of soft trip-hop beating against your car window as you drive off to kill the guy you don't know for something they did to someone you know, as some kind of hand-me-down revenge ala 21 Grams. And that's just their studio recordings. Live In NYC is a tour de force of Portishead, a tiny band, colliding with a twenty-two piece orchestra to create a stirring sweaty-in-your-winter-jacket creation, a ghostly beauty. If you thought Beth Gibbons sound gorgeously soul chilling before, wait'll you check this out.

Portishead-Live In NYC

Note: Also be sure to check out their essential Dummy, which is trillions times Silent Hill awesome as well. Portishead was a cool bunch of duders so I'd buy their records if you just want to look cool to your 21 and below friends after popping in your Pail Saints records.


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