Friday, September 01, 2006

Prince-Sign O' The Times

My all-time favorite Prince album, this sprawling world of insanity is Prince at his most watershed. Certainly not as tight as Purple Rain (which feels like a double album itself), but certainly more jubilant and purple sky piercing. Equipped with hits like the title track and Housequake, the album runs the gauntlet from perkily sad pop twinged with regret (I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man), taking it in slowly ballads (Slow Love), and twinkle bell tinkled jams on being yourself (Starfish & Coffee). Amazingly packed to the gills with Prince's effortless ability to do anything and everything, which he did right here.

Prince-Sign O'The Times
Password: yellow

Note: Prince is one of my favorite things ever so if you want to support him buy his newest album, 4321, or mail him a check for $20. I'd highly recommend also buying this album seeing as such if I ever go to your house if you do happen to have this album then there's a good chance I'll make you eggs in the morning. Ditto goes for everybody else in the universe. Prince says he's cool with downloads so you might not be so screwed, but still be cautious and do actually buy the album 'cause I told you so.


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