Friday, September 01, 2006

Roxy Music-Avalon

This is Roxy Music at their most make-out. With Eno long out of the way to freak things up, Brian Ferry was free to dispense all the shoulder bumping up 'n down jams he could ever wish for. Supplied with the big hits More Than This and Avalon this record was bound to be the band's American breakthrough, even as it would end up being their last (until their re-union which is pretty awesome with Ferry looking and sounding amazing). With big stomps of loving laced everywhere and broken up in between by mysterious light instrumental interludes, it's a shame Sofia Coppola took away some of this album's hipness by making it ultra-hip (one of my favorite flicks by the way, screw you Hipinion). It still blows my mind out that in today's 80s-so-bad-it's-good love fest, nobody has come around rocking like the ultimate cocktail hour band. Listen and you'll see what I mean. Also, watch the More Than This video and check for the right when the song goes into it's 1 1/2 minute music outro, when Ferry does that duh-duh mimic to the bass line while swaying in the ring of fire. Coolest part in any video ever.

Roxy Music-Avalon

Videos: More Than This, Avalon

Note: This another of those albums you really should buy just because Roxy's album covers always rocked, hot momma's seducing you through plastic and paper, even though this one has more of a Tom Cruise's Legend vibe to it. Also, it makes you look cool when placed next to Loveless and Amerikkka's Most Wanted. Find Ferry and give him $10. Please support all bands we post by finding your local star map and hunting them down.


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