Friday, September 01, 2006

You Left New York For This!?!?!

Rion Nakaya is young, beautiful, and a traitor!!!! Redcoat! She used to photoblog through an amazing photoblog at from New York City, but now she's left for Paris and gotten even better than she was before, that bitch! Seriously, I'm a loser who does nothing but putz around on the internet looking at every photo and art blog there is and this is one of my absolute favorite anythings on the net, right up there with 1Up Yours and Petey Greene over there on YouTube. The ol' city may have lost another great blogger with an awesome amount of disposable income (she's in Tokyo right now, riffing off some awesome photos, making lust for more like Sean Penn in Shanghai Surprise (sorry for the Pitchfork-ish reference)). If you haven't checked out the Photobloggies' winner yet, don't feel so bad. She's French (nener nener nener....sob,sob,sob).



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